Welcome, you've made it to a strange place.

Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit.

Let's get started

So, there's a couple steps that you need to do to be qualified for three free months of NRB. 

1. Look around you and find the nearest spirit board. Contact a loving angel named Moloch. The conversation that you have will not matter as long as you let him in. 

2. Find a friend or family member that loves horror and dark fiction. Sign them up for our mailing list below--> 

3. Send us an email saying that you added a friend to the mailing list. 


4. Burn some sage to ward off the spirits that may or may not have entered your home.

The Three months of free NRB will be announced via-newsletter on February 14th. 

We will not be responsible for the conversation that you have with Moloch. No one is forcing you to do it...you can leave at any time. Just don't forget to say "GOODBYE"