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We will, for the first time ever have 3 books, plus items from some of the most talented artists and shops on the web. I promise you that if you miss this box you will be sick.  


Beware the dead.

August 2017



         Hey Nocturnal Reader's, We are back once again to give you the scoop for August. We will have three books this month; 2 of them will have a signed quantity giving you a 1:4 chance to get a signed book. 

We will feature items from Jeff@ Exhumedvisions.com, Alice @ Fizzyfairyapothecary, and an amazing art piece from Ally @ shop.deadspiderhands.net. Thats not all either, we will have a limited glow in the dark hard enamel pin and an AMAZING wearable that would have Mother Abigail saying, "There's a storm coming, HIS storm."

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