Monster Mayhem

         Hey Nocturnal Reader's, We have been listening to you, and we appreciate your feedback, so September will be jam packed full of your most requested items and references. We will be featuring monsters from all eras and include for certain a species 'studied' at Miskatonic University in more than one form. It was one of the fastest boxes that we put together and one of the most fun boxes that we have worked on to this point. 

     As you will no doubt see in the coming days, August was one of our most valuable boxes to date and we are not stopping there. Both books will have a huge lot of signed editions making your chances 1:2 this month. The art is done by an award winning artist, the books are horrifying, the items are unique and extremely requested. Its going to be a great month to be a Nocturnal Reader!

We have a forum that is almost complete and it will be a place that we can all discuss our amazing reads and hopefully help to solidify our community a bit more. More on that a bit later!

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